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Spalding Phonics & Language Arts

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Writing A-Z

Knowledge Units Grades 3-7



Pearson Math Grades k-2

Frog Street Grade PK

Knowledge Units Grades 3-7

® Core Knowledge Grades k-2

Knowledge Units Grades 3-7



StemScopes Grades k-2

Knowledge Units Grades 3-7

Our curriculum in grades PK-2 stresses phonics and ELAR, as well as Math, Science and Social Studies. Students are in a direct teach classroom setting.

Grades 3-7 curriculum is a mastery-based, blended learning classroom setting. Students utilize a computer program or Knowledge Unit Books. Students must score the appropriate score on the assignment before being allowed to progress to the next lesson. Students are independent learners. The teacher in the classroom setting guides and tutors students based on the student's needs.